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oscar wilde slash
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hello fellow artists! this is a community where you can draw slash pictures of oscar wilde, as well as other members of the circle. there are, of course, a few rules:

1) your art must contain either wilde, a member of the wilde circle, or characters from wilde's work.

2) you are allowed to draw the film version of wilde, as long as he's paired with a film correspondant (i.e. stephen fry as wilde paired with jude law as bosie, not the actual bosie).

3) under NO circumstances are you allowed to slash oscar wilde's children or the marquess of queensberry (and especially not together).

4) you are NOT allowed to draw orlando bloom. i don't care if he was in wilde or not! he is not atractive and cannot act to save his life! if you want to make your own orlando bloom slash, by all means go ahead, but it is not welcome here.

5) you don't need to be "talented" to contribute to this site. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in. hell, for all I care, you can draw slashy stick figures (yes, it is something I've done before, but if you do that make sure we are able to distinguish who's who).